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The Exam / Study Box

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A brilliant box with mindfulness tools for students involved in coursework, revision and exams to help with stress & worry. lt also includes revision tips and coping strategies.


This box contains:


Study Buddy & Timer - In order to absorb information, work to the best of your ability and avoid burnout you NEED regular breaks. Recent studies have shown that that you need to take a break  - these notes and timer help you stick to these timings. 

Emergency Breathing Space - 

Exam period can be incredibly stressful. Carry this scroll with you; use when you feel overwhelmed. The emergency breathing space scroll uses 3 simple steps; recognising, gathering and expanding awareness, to ground you. 

Revision tips - useful strategies including lists, mind maps, flash cards, recordings etc.

Grounding techniques - for regaining calm and focus eg during a stressful exam.

Essential Oil - Scents can be used in revision to stimulate memory on subject matter – use your essential oil roller before each revision session and again before your exam for best results.


Out gender neutral scent helps you to relax, eases anxiety and gives a lift of energy and confidence.

Affirmation Cards - help you find your inner strength and motivation, allowing you to reach your goals. Constantly repeating the things you are capable of (and forgetting the thoughts and feelings that hinder you and make you feel inadequate) allows you to manifest your hopes and dreams.

Incense Burner - Burning incense has long been used for its physical and psychological benefits:


1.      Enhance concentration and focus. 

2.      Stimulate creativity.

3.      Increase positive energy. 

Guatamalan Worry figures - a repository for worries.

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