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Day 14 - Therapeutic showering

Today you have opened a shower steamer made with a blend of ‘happy’ oils – Lavender, Tangerine  Marjoram.

Shower steamers dissolve in water to create a scented therapeutic steam. You  place it on the floor of your shower, and the high concentration of essential oils produce a delightful steam.  They are not designed to go in a bath because of the higher concentration of oils.

Combine your steamer with a shower meditation for an excellent way to practice mindfulness while engaging in a daily routine. This form of meditation can provide mental clarity and promote relaxation. 

Here’s an example:

Once you turn the water on and adjust it to your desired temperature, take a moment to observe.  Listen to the sound of the water hitting the shower walls, floor, and curtain and to the as water coming out of showerhead.  Notice the steam. Breathe it in and feel it in your nose and mouth.

Step under the warm water and observe what it feels like. Notice the temperature and pressure of the water.

Scan your body and observe sensations as the water runs against your skin. Feel the water on your head and in your hair. Feel it roll down your face and shoulders to your back, chest, and stomach. Feel it roll down your legs and feet.

Take a few deep, calming breaths & consciously relax your muscles.

Notice the aromas and any sounds.

Look at the water going down the drain and visualize all of your stress, worry, anxiety, and other negative emotions going with it.

Whether yours is a morning energy shower or an evening release shower, take a moment to express gratitude for your experience before you move on.  

There isn’t a wrong way to meditate in the shower – the right way is whatever way works best for you.

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