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Day 11 - Winter Self Care

Today you've opened our lovely handmade beeswax lip balm, made with pure ingredients and no nasties. (You can buy more in a gorgeous little gift set - click here. )

It is so important to look after yourself as winter kicks in. The nights are drawing in and the weather is getting colder. Now’s the time for a winter self-care routine to nurture your body and mind.

Here are a few self-care ideas for winter :

Keep hydrated with plenty of water stay moisturised – Don’t let your skin dry out because the heating’s going full-blast. Our beeswax lip balm is ideal for soft lips!

Sort your winter clothes – Declutter your wardrobe and go through the cold weather clothes to see what you love, what you wear regularly and what you haven’t worn for the last 3 winters.

10 minutes to yourself – It may not be a long time but just having some quiet time to do what YOU want, instead of what others want you to do, can help you recharge your batteries.

A hot cup of coffee, tea or hot chocolate – Make yourself a hot drink and make time to actually sit and drink it whilst it’s still warm! Be present in the moment and enjoy it.

Walk in the cold – Wrap up warm and take a brisk walk in the cold to get your body moving and blood pumping. Walking has amazing health benefits.

Decorate your home with seasonal colours and accessories – Go for colours and textures that reflect the season we’re in and if you love dressing your home up with

Christmas decorations, then go for it!

Light a scented candle – Bring a little warmth and cosy light to your home when it’s dark outside. Read more about minimalism and Hygge for ideas on how to be cosy without clutter!

Enjoy mulled wine, cider or apple juice – A perfect seasonal treat that warms the heart and the body!

Think about your goals for next year – Take some time to really plan some intentional goals that align with your priorities and really serve you in your life.

Whatever you do, make a little time this winter to look after yourself ♥

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