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Don’t let other people determine how YOU feel

It’s easy to be affected by how other people treat you and get your feeling of self worth from them.

But why would you GIVE AWAY control of your happiness to circumstances which you may not even have control over?

It’s like giving the wheel of your car to a potentially dangerous driver while you’re in the car.

Remember when you’re feeling down that you actually have control over how you feel.

If you’re used to giving up this control, then changing it may take some practice and a bit of time.

Start by considering something someone said or did that made you feel bad. Was it fair? Was it true? Would you say the same to a friend in the same situation? Is it maybe their problems or issues causing them to be this way?

When we start to recognise that others act the way they do for a whole load of reasons often unrelated to reality, you can start to edge away from relying on other people for your happiness💕

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