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Full Moon Spell

Try to find a place that you can see the moon or even better, be outside directly under it.

Settle on the floor and light your candles and your sage stick if you have one. Arrange your crystals however feels best for you and make sure you have a pen and paper wedding.

Ground yourself and make yourself comfortable while keeping your spine vertically aligned. Focus your mind on your wildest dreams and/ or your more short term goals.. whatever resonates most to you.

Visualise actually living that dream.

Writing goals down in your journal;

- What do I want to cultivate over the next month

- What will I focus my drive and passion on

- How will I facilitate my own self-love and self-healing

- What do I want/ need more of?

Place the paper on your window sill or somewhere the full moon is shining.

End with a manifestation prayer:

‘May your energy help me in the manifestation of my dreams. Shine your light. May I receive all that is in accordance with my highest good. Thankyou.’

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