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How to find joy in the small things

It's so easy to be constantly BUSY running from one thing to the next. The trouble is, we miss out on actually enjoying our lives.

Do you actually ENJOY your life? Or are you so busy thinking about what you have to do next, dwelling on your annoyances, or irritated by little things that happen to you daily?

Or. do you make the most of the little treasures that are available every day – the opportunities to relish the moment and love life as it is NOW, rather than as you wish it would be?

Here’s a few fun ideas – little things – that you can do to enjoy the moment. Find your own sources of joy:

Do a little pampering - cherish your body, your skin and remind yourself how lucky you are to have a body that carries you through your daily life.

Buy flowers or plant up a garden or window box or plant pot. Look at them and enjoy how they beautify your environment, and somehow make the day a little more special.

Eat something gorgeous – pick something you really like and savour it. Really relish it. Eat slowly, and love each and every bite.

Play a song you love – more than once if you like! Sing along and really enjoy how it makes you feel.

Get outside and into nature – look at the colours! The textures, the sounds, the smells and REALLY notice the incredible beauty of nature

Light some candles – -they usually have a calming effect and give yourself a few moments to just slow your breath and watch flame.

Cherish the significant people in your life – think of who you are grateful to have in your life.

Celebrate your small (and large) accomplishments. Before you rush on to the next project or activity, when you accomplish something, celebrate it. Pause and REFLECT on what you’ve achieved. Enjoy the fact that you got it done. And only then, move on to the next thing.

Whatever you do, and however you do it, let’s take time to enjoy our lives. No matter what circumstances you’re currently facing, you may as well make the most of the things that make you happy. Enjoy every part of your life that you can. After all, it is the only one you’ll get to live.

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