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Squeeze Meditation

When you are tense, your muscles are tense. And it can be almost impossible to truly relax your mind and body. This 'body scan' mindfulness exercise allows you to release some of that stress.

1. Get comfy - lie down if possible. Close your eyes and take some deep, mindful breaths.

2. Imagine your tippy toes are emulating light. Wiggle them around and then squeeze them as tightly as you can. Squeeze all the muscles in your foot as tightly as you can and hold before releasing. How do your feet feel now?

3. Visualise the light emulating from your feet moving up to your calves. Squeeze your calf muscles as tight as possible and hold. Let go. Ahhh - how do they feel now?

4. Move up your body through your legs, up your tummy and down your arms, shoulders, neck and face.

5. When you've finished, take a moment to notice how you feel. Feel your muscles relaxing into the ground or mattress beneath you. Take 3 deep, mindful breaths.

If its time to face your day then do so with a lighter body. If you now feel sleepy, let yourself drift off.

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