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💐 Sunday: a simple exercise to start self caring today.🌹

A barrier to self care is often the concept that we’ll do it when we’re more ‘sorted’ - happier, richer, more successful, better relationship, more friends, thinner, fitter....

But the time to start is today! Caring for the ‘you’ that exists right now.

Try this great simple exercise.

Sit down & write a list of all the things you would like to do, be, wear, go, see, experience IF you were the PERFECT version of yourself.

When the list is done, put it to one side for a little while, think about this ideal person and everything you’d achieve.

Now come back to the list and go through and decide which ones you can actually do RIGHT NOW. Seriously, what is actually stopping you?

Have the clothes now - why wait for some magical perfect time and dress like a scruff in the meantime? Feel great today!

Have the hair & makeup update.

Book the holiday, join the club, start the class.

There will be virtually nothing in your list you

can’t do - just decide you deserve it RIGHT NOW. And if there is something genuinely preventing you doing something you’d love, consider what changes you could make to get there.

Often when we decide that we are worth it right now, we start turning into the person we always wanted to be.


When I did this, the list included buying & wearing white jeans, a bikini and a slinky ‘little black dress’; going for a new hair style /colour & updating my makeup regime; going out more to concerts, shows, plays etc ... and a whole list of things I was deferring until I achieved a more perfect me. But there was no need! Now I buy & wear whatever I fancy, change my hair often, go to gigs regularly. Nothing is stopping me - don’t let anything stop you ❤️

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