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Tonight’s a Blue Moon 🌚 Does it affect your mood?

MOONGAZERS will be dazzled by the delights of the rarest full moon of the year tonight (22/8/21) the Blue Moon.

Blue moons only occur once every 2.7 years and give rise to the term 'once in a blue moon'. The incredible spectacle will not appear blue in the sky however, but will be fully illuminated by the sun. The idea that a full moon can stir up emotions, provoke bizarre behavior, and even cause physical illness isn’t just a myth. It’s a strongly held belief, even today.

In fact, one study says that nearly 81% of mental health professionals believe the full moon can make people ill.

When the moon is full and bright, it certainly may affect the quality of your sleep. In a 2014 study involving 319 people who’d been referred to a sleep center, researchers found that the full moon was associated with less deep sleep.

The human body has adapted to eons of exposure to daylight and darkness.

This has led to the development of circadian rhythms that affect many of your body’s systems — not just your sleep-wake cycle. Circadian rhythms affect your physical and mental health, too.

But the widespread use of electric light means many of your circadian rhythms are adapting to new light and dark patterns. When circadian rhythms wobble, it can cause or increase symptoms of certain mental health disorders, including:

  • anxiety

  • bipolar disorder

  • depression

  • schizophrenia

So maybe tonight wear an eye mask, take care with night-time sleep rituals & try to get a good nights rest :-) PS, our Rest & Refresh Box is perfect if you need a little help x

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