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Working with the Moon: The Waxing Moon

The moon today is in Waxing Crescent phase.. But what does that actually mean and what should we be doing during a waxing moon?

The moon is currently in Waxing Crescent Phase; the first phases after the new moon when the moon gets smaller and smaller. Unlike other stages of the moon, the waxing moon is not intensely energetically charged. This makes it the perfect time to check in with yourself and the intentions you set during the new moon, do something that scares you/ take a risk and, ofcourse, give time to your self-care routines.

You could do this by:

1. Journal how you've been feeling over the past week and how things have been unfolding

2. Brainstorm new ideas and inspiring thoughts

3. Write a gratitude journal (list things your grateful for)

4. Listen to music or a guided meditation

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