This CD comes with 2 powerful meditations. We also provide a link to download the files to your phone or computer.


The Body Scan Medition


In this guided meditation you will be led through a full body scan.


Body scans are designed to help you reconnect with your body; to develop a mindful awareness of your bodily sensations, and to relieve tension in the muscles.


Many of us carry stress in our bodies without realising it. Body scans allow us to identify these areas and soften them. Try following this meditation when you are stressed or in the morning as a peaceful way to begin your day. Try to follow the meditation daily if possible. 


Inner Light Meditation

The inner light meditation is simple, yet complex enough to turn off the mind and set you free.

In its most simple form, you will be guided through the sensing of Shakti flowing in and out of the body. This simultaneous in- and out-flow cannot be controlled by the mind and must rather be deeply felt; thus, the mind is not involved in this meditation. Soon the white light will not be visualised but will be "felt" or intuited

When this is stable, and the mind is not involved, you will feel a sense of great peace while one with vibrating Shakti.


The CD or MP3 will guide you through - The best posture is sitting cross legged because it makes it easier to visualize the flows and light when the legs are folded up rather than stretched out but being comfortable is most important.

2 meditations - Flotation Body Scan & Inner Light - on CD and download