Deep breathing is the key to maintaining or gaining calm and focus in a hectic world. When you are anxious, stressed, overwhelmed, angry or just unable to concentrate or achieve, using a breathing exercise can help to quiet the mind and allow you regain your focus.


This set comes with an 'Emergency breathing space' - a scroll that takes you through a 3 minute exercise to regain calm.  This emergency breathing space uses 3 simple steps; recognising, gathering and expanding awareness, to ground the reader.This allows the reader to take a step outside of automatic pilot mode and reconnect with the present moment.Carry this scroll with you to be used in stressful or overwhelming moments and face the situation calmly, composed and kind.


It also has a Breathing Timer - This simple timer can be used to give you a few moments to yourself and gives a visual focus point.


This set also comes with a free link to an online video - a 3 minute animated breathing exercise that allows you to focus on the shapes to regulate your breathing.

Breathing for Calm and Focus