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3 beautiful wellbeing boxes as a Christmas gift ♥  The first box will arrive so you can give it for Christmas and another 2 will then be sent in January & February.


You'll have heard of monthly subscription boxes for cosmetics, chocolate, food - all sorts of things - well this is the wellbeing equivalent!  Posted through your letter box each month.  ​


Instead of mascara & lipstick, we have items specifically designed to improve wellbeing using techniques from mindfulness, meditation, psychology, therapy, aromatherapy, crystals and more. 


Each month has a theme, and you will receive at least 5 wellbeing goodies plus a booklet of information, exercises, tips and techniques to try out.


Depending on the month, you may receive one of the boxes shown or alternatively a new box. 


This listing is for our 3 months upfront subscription. 6 Months Subscription is also available. 

Subscribe for yourself, or as a gift - include a gift card and decide when you want to start & for how long.​

3 months Christmas Wellbeing subscription - 1st box forXmas

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