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These small wellbeing gifts for staff are ideal for parties, meetings, small gifts - or just to have in a box in the office as a 'Help yourself to a small wellbeing gift' box.   


Please send a message if you would prefer any SPECIFIC items and quantities, if you want any of the them items EXCLUDED from your order OR if you want a different number of items.


We wrap each item in a pretty paper bag with seal .


Please contact us to let us know your required DELIVERY DATE - especially for large orders.

Includes a selection of :


40ml test tube filled with luxury bath salts including essential oils and dried aromatics

Gratitude Sticky notes - in a gift box, this pad of 50 sticky notes remind us to practice gratitude daily, Comes with a guide on how to practice gratitude to aid wellbeing, anxiety & stress.

Mindfulness cards - a boxed pack of cards with 24 mindfulness exercises to incorporate into your daily life.

Calm Balm - 10ml tin with balm that encourages calm by focusing on your senses when thoughts are spiralling. Contains Bergamot, Geranium, Lavender & Cedarwood in a vegan balm of soy wax & cocoa butter.

Lavender Sleep Bag - cotton bag filled with lavender, which is known to aid sleep and relaxation. 

Crystal in a bag - a crystal in an organza bag that comes with information on that crystal and what it can be used for.

80 small wellbeing gifts

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