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Cute gift set. Comes with:


5ml gold topped bottle of moisturising body oil - with frankincense and myrrh essential oils mixed with a coconut carrier oil. Frankincense and myrrh are both from trees of the same family (Burseraceae), so they have similar smells. They both have warm, spicy, and slightly sweet aromas - myrrh is more smoky and woodsy, while frankincense is earthy and sharp. This oil has properties that can ease anxiety and depression, reduce inflammation and reverse skin aging signs.


A Shearer Candles Frankincense and Myrrh scented tealight - a rich Arabian fragrance combining the oils of precious woods, spices, musk and vanilla - 5 hour burn time


Square glass Maison & White tealight holder.


Comes boxed.

Gold Frankincense & Myrrh gift set - candle, holder and body oil

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