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The Cleansing Box is a spring clean for the mind, spirit & soul!  It contains products and activities including:


Aventurine Crystal Pendant
Our lovely Aventurine crystal can be used either as a pendant to wear, or as a hanging crystal to cleanse your home of negative energy. Aventurine stimulates perception and enhances creativity.  It promotes feelings of well-being and protects against environmental pollution. The green variant neutralises electromagnetic pollution from computers, television etc., and dissolves negative emotions and thoughts. As a natural product, the colour ranges from a very pale to a mid green.   We enclose some information on how to use crystals either by hanging or wearing.


30 day de-clutter cards

Clutter can have a seriously bad effect on our mental wellbeing, causing stress & anxiety and a feeling of being overwhelmed. It can even affect our immune system & harbour pathogens. This set of 30 day cards takes you through a simple step-by-step path for physical, mental and emotional cleansing.


Smudging Set

Smudging helps to clear negative energy from a space. Our set contains a stick made from sage, lavender, rosemary and rose petals – all organically grown in our own garden. Light the stick, wave gently till it starts to smoulder and walk around the house wafting with the feather. You can smudge yourself as well – just waft the smoke over yourself and breathe deeply. OR  - the smudge stick is beautiful as it is, just put it somewhere in your house unlit, to absorb negative energy.


Cleansing Spray

Use this spray – made from organic sage and lavender to refresh the energy in a room. The ingredients have been chosen for their uplifting, clearing, and transcending qualities. This spray has an amazing aroma and vibrations that help create a clear space to both work and live. You can also spray above your head and let it mist down on you, but out of eyes.


Cleanse Herbal Tea

A blend of organic nettle (pain relief, allergies), fennel (digestive health, arthritis and blood cleansing) & peppermint (tension, stress,colds). Infuse in freshly boiled water.


7 day Mental Cleanse Challenge

Essentially, the mental cleanse is simple. For seven days you must not allow yourself to dwell on any kind of “negative” thought. The challenge booklet gives different tasks for each of the 7 days to make this happen, and allow you to record your reflections on each task. The mental cleanse practice allows us to gently redirect our thoughts away from the negative. Typically, a few days into the practice you will realize how much of your thinking is focused on the so-called negative and is mostly anchored in the past or fixated on the future.


A Floral Spiritual Cleansing Meditation

This spiritual cleansing meditation with flowers and crystals is the perfect way to cleanse your spirit of stagnant energy, and create a transformational spring intention.

This is an active cleansing meditation. That means it is less about the mind mimicking the stillness of the body, and more about focusing on mindful actions. The actions you’ll perform in this meditation are simple, and seemingly mindless movements. But as you focus on the practice, your mind clears of everything else. So any stress or anxiety that has been plaguing you fades into the background.


The peace this brings is enhanced by the flowers and crystals you also work with in this cleansing meditation and spiritual bathing technique to give yourself a blessing. Flowers carry an uplifting energy. They brighten the spirit with joy, and activate both your sense of smell and touch. Using crystals will instil positive light within the soul, while also working to ground your motivation.


The box comes with an instruction guide sheet, and is wrapped in a mint green ribbon.

The Cleansing Box

  • With current circumstances, Post Offices are still running but they incredibly stretched and *DELIVERY TIME COULD BE LONGER THAN USUAL*. 1st class could take anything from 1 to 10 days during this pandemic. Please be aware of this. Once I have passed your item onto the post office, I will not be able to give you updates on where it is or information on what day or time it will arrive. 

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