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The De-stress box combines mindfulness, CBT & aromatherapy techniques to help lower stress and anxiety.It contains:Relaxation Meditations - These two meditations are excellent for de-stressing. The Inner Light Meditation helps you turn off the mind and experience Shakti flowing in and out of your body.  The Flotation Body scan helps you identify areas of stress in your body, and then to soften them.Pink Quartz Thumbstone in pouchHeld between the index finger and thumb, rubbing a thumbstone is believed to lessen one's worries. Rose quartz is known to be soothing, calming and reduces stress and tension. It helps to clear anger, resentment, guilt, fear and jealousy. It helps balance emotions and heal emotional wounds and traumas.Anti stress petThis cute kitten is a stress ball – repeatedly squeezing a stress ball not only releases tension but also stimulates the bran and the release of endorphins, which act as mood enhancers & pain killers. This improves mood and makes you feel calmer.Mindfulness colouring and pensMindful colouring is a calming activity that can be used to help lower stress levels and improve our overall wellbeing. Mindfulness is the process of keeping your attention and thoughts on the present moment and can help to improve our mood, concentration, focus and wellbeing. Mindful colouring is a great way to allow the mind to focus on the present moment.Soothing Face MistThis face mist combines rose water, vitamin E, ylang ylang and rose quartz to give a stress relieving spritz. While rose water and vitamin E sooth the skin, the subtle scent of ylang ylang grounds you by connecting you to your sense of smell and offers instant stress relief. Many people find that rose quartz helps unclog the heart chakra, allowing them to release negativity and tension.

The Less Stress Box

  • With current circumstances, Post Offices are still running but they incredibly stretched and *DELIVERY TIME COULD BE LONGER THAN USUAL*. 1st class could take anything from 1 to 10 days during this pandemic. Please be aware of this. Once I have passed your item onto the post office, I will not be able to give you updates on where it is or information on what day or time it will arrive. 

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