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The Happy Box is ideal for anyone feeling a it worn down, stressed, anxious and need of a pickup. It comes in a postal box that fits through your letterbox and is beautifully presented.It contains:Self-Development Book and Sprouting BookmarkReading is one of the most effective ways to calm the body and mind. Setting aside just a few minutes a day to read something positive can set you up for a better day, reduce stress and help you learn something new. Use your super-cute sprout bookmark to keep track of where you’ve got to, and to help you remember the pages that really resonated with you so you can re-read easily.Happy Pulse PointThis delightful oil combines lavender, tangerine and marjoram for an upbeat but soothing blend. Simply roll onto your wrists or any other pulse point and pause while you breathe in the blend of essential oils to help you throughout your day and give you a little lift.  Plantable Note cardsPlanting seeds has been used as an intention setting ritual for many years. You do this by reflecting on an intention (for example, read the message on the card and reflect on what this means to you and how you want this to manifest in the future). Next, take your note and place it on a pot of compost and water well (or take a chance in a wild spot). Place somewhere warm and light and don’t let the soil dry out. Once you have lots of seedlings you can transplant to a big pot and leave in a sunny spot. Happy TeaBrighten up your day with this invigorating blend of Soil Association Certified Organic Apple, Marigold petals, Lemongrass and Orange peel spiced up with Organic Ginger, Cardamom fruit, Coriander fruit and Cinnamon. The aromatic natural flavours of this herbal tea will be sure to perk up even the dreariest of days.   Happy BookletJam packed with ideas and tips! It includeds CBT tools for happiness, happiness activities, a 30 day happiness challenge,Affirmation CardAffirmation cards help you find your inner strength. Repeating the things that you are capable of and forgetting feelings that can hinder you, can help a lot in achieving a positive result. Read and repeat this card to start your day with positive thoughts. happiness chemicals and more!

The Happy Box

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