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The Mindfulness Box combines tools to start or encourage the practice of mindfulness.  

It comes in a postal box that fits through your letterbox and is beautifully presented with a teal ribbon and bow.


It contains:

Mindfulness Journal
A mindfulness journal is one of the most powerful tools in your mindfulness toolkit. Journaling allows you to process your thoughts and feelings, inspire creativity and reduce stress. It is also an amazing mindfulness practice. The journal comes with a bookmark and a leaflet on how to start journalling mindfully.


Mindfulness Prompts & Stickers
Use these on your journal, mirror, To-Do list, computer etc., to set an intention for the day and to encourage you to continue with your mindfulness practice.


Mindfulness Cards
Your mindfulness cards will take you through simple mindfulness exercises, that you can use every day for a more mindful life. Start by trying out a new one each day. Integrate them into your daily routine. Reflect on how you find this in your journal. 


Calm Balm
Use before meditation or yoga to deepen the practice.  Use this balm in moments of stress by rubbing onto fingertips and the palms of hands, cupping your nose/ mouth area and inhaling deeply. Can also be worn on temples, wrists, chest or under your nose.  TOP TIP: Use your knuckle to scoop & then easily rub around the hands.   Bergamot, geranium, lavender and cedar wood have been blended together to create a moment of calm. The creamy base is a meld of natural butters and oils.   Use as a grounding exercise to stay mindful by bringing yourself back to your senses when your thoughts are spiralling


Mindfulness crystals
Picking up a crystal helps you to switch out of autopilot and into the present. We have included Orange Calcite – a mood lifter, Clear Quartz – prized for its ability to clear the mind of negativity and Lavender Amethyst – an emotional balancer.  Comes with an info guide to the crystals and how to use them mindfully.



An introduction to Mindfulness
Mindful Journalling
Tips sheet for incorporating mindfulness into your day
How to use the crystals
Affirmation card

The Mindfulness Box

  • With current circumstances, Post Offices are still running but they incredibly stretched and *DELIVERY TIME COULD BE LONGER THAN USUAL*. 1st class could take anything from 1 to 10 days during this pandemic. Please be aware of this. Once I have passed your item onto the post office, I will not be able to give you updates on where it is or information on what day or time it will arrive. 

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