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The Vision Box

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The Vision Box is a complete kit for manifesting your dreams.   It helps you to envision the life you want, set goals and manifest them.    

The box includes:

A law of attraction planner - The law of attraction uses the power of the mind to translate whatever is in our thoughts and materialize them into reality. This guide helps you to determine where you are at the moment, where you would like to be and provides daily and weekly planners to reach goals.

A vision board kit - vision boards enable you to open your mind to your desires. They are designed to awaken you to the awareness that there really are possibilities for your life – and that you can actually create your world exactly the way you want to be. This is a visual representation that you can create for yourself and we provide a back-sheet, instructions, motivational words to stick on, embellishments, washi tape etc. 


A crystal grid with crystals -  crystal grids are a powerful and beautiful way to manifest your dreams, goals and intentions. Basically, a crystal grid is a special arrangement of crystals and stones, used with intention, to manifest a desired result.   This comes with a grid and a starter set of crystals plus full instructions on how to use it - all in a purple velvet bag.


A crystal ball -  Crystal Balls are not about wearing a headscarf and seeing a tall, dark handsome stranger in your future. They are simply a way for you to connect with your subconscious mind. This might mean finding solutions to things that are worrying you, or it might mean understanding what you want to do or become. It’s not much different from things you might see in your dreams, or when cloud watching – we are just giving your subconscious a chance to communicate.  The ball comes with full instructions for use.

The wish bracelets - 2 bracelets with small silver stars. Think of your goal or desire as your tie the bracelet and touch it each day to re-affirm. By the time the string wears through, your wish will come true! 


Affirmation card


The Vision Box comes beautifully presented with a navy ribbon.

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