The Sunshine Box comes with a range of tools to help boost mental wellbeing in different ways. It is hand-crafted with love and care and packaged beautifully for your chosen recipient.

Focused on self-help techniques for anxiety, low mood, stress, low self esteem and lack of motivation - perfect for birthdays, anniversaries, mothers day, stressed students, pressurised co-workers and tired out mums and dads.


The Sunshine box promotes positive self-care for mental wellbeing through a series of tools and techniques. These come as a total package in 'The Sunshine Box', as individual items or in themed boxes, such as our Mindfulness box, Calm Box and Confidence Box.


They are the ultimate care packages for family & loved ones struggling with stress from work, studies, challenging events or simply the demands of everyday life.

Or our boxes are perfect wellness gift boxes for anyone who just wants to find a little calm, direction and 'me' time.