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Everything you need after a hip replacement! This gift box is stuffed with really practical items that make a big difference.


* Magic Gel Premium icepack - most people experience moderate to severe swelling after a hip op and applying an ice pack really helps.

* Sock assist - you are not allowed to bend down to the floor when standing or sitting, so getting socks on is a trial! This tool makes it super easy


* Bio oil- massaging your scar (once the clips are out) is the recommended way to soften and flatten it, stopping tissues build up and making the scar less noticeable.


* Eye pillow - it can be difficult to sleep for a while, and so getting some naps in is highly recommended. This handmade eye pillow, filled with Buckwheat and Lavender can be warmed or cooled, and applies a gentle pressure whilst blocking out the light.

* Book "Hip Expectations: How to get through a hip replacement by someone who should know better" - informative but light hearted book all about what to expect throughout recovery - written by an orthopaedic surgeon about his own experiences.

* Dark Chocolate and Green Tea - both of these contain high levels of antioxidants that help decrease joint inflammation, and reduce pain after a  hip replacement.

* Mindful colouring book and felt pens - keeping occupied with a gentle hobby is important to aid recovery. This fun colouring book is all about hip  replacements! 

* 'Tips for Hips' sheet that runs through advice on healing after your op.

* 'Hip hip hurray' greetings card that you add your own personal message to.


(People leaving hospital after a hip replacement are provided with crutches, a raised toilet seat, a grab stick and a long handled shoe horn - all vital items, so you shouldn't need to your own)

Hip Replacement Gift Box

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