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The Self-Love Box

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The Self-love box is all about encouraging self-esteem, self-confidence and taking time for self-care. It's about giving ourselves the opportunity to appreciate who we are and what we do, learning self-compassion and making time to do something for ourself each day.


The box includes 30 days of self-love, 15 ideas for showing self-appreciation, a self-compassion exercise , a self-love affirmation card and self-love worksheets. 

The products include a Jade Gua Sha (Chinese Facial Massage tool) which helps improve blood circulation, moves lymphatic stagnation and releases muscle tension.   This comes together with an info sheet and video showing how to use it.


There is also a handmade Face Mask using 100% natural powdered rose petals .

Gua Sha.jpg

Next we have an indulgent Self Love potion - an oil blend with Jojoba and Ylang Ylnag - fabulous for moisturising and massaging. 


Then there is a Self-love spell scroll with candle - nothing spooky, just visualisations and self-affirmations that encourage self-appreciation. 


Finally we have 3 very beautiful and indulgence pink Lindor truffles!


The box comes beautifully packaged and presented with a raspberry pink ribbon.

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