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7 Reasons Why Baths Are Great For Your Health

As well as feeling lovely, luxuriating in a long, hot bath actually has medicinal benefits. Here’s 7 reasons to take a bath ....

1. Baths Can Elevate Your Mood

Psychologist Neil Morris, surveyed 80 people, and found that bathing can diminish feelings of depression and pessimism because "Baths give you...a wonderful combination of isolation, quiet, and comfort." The feelings of closeness we receive from being submerged in warm liquid "gives us connotations of being in the womb, and it is very comforting," Bathing induces feelings of comfort and easiness, and that kind of security allows your mind, and subsequently your body, to relax.

2. They Can Help You Sleep Better

A colder core body temperature will help induce sleep, which is why some scientists recommend sleeping in a cold room. But a warm bath before bed can yield similar results. At night our body temperatures naturally drop, which signals the production of melatonin—or the sleeping hormone. Soaking in a warm bath will raise your body temperature, and exiting will more rapidly cool it down, thus instigating the production of melatonin, and better preparing you for sleep.

3. A Hot Bath Can Help Relieve Muscle Pain

Heat will get your blood moving, which is not only great for circulation but can also help sore or tight muscles to relax. The addition of epsom salts in your warm bath has been proven to help reduce inflammation in your joints caused by arthritis or other muscular diseases.

4. Baths Can Make Your Heart Healthy

Taking a regular warm bath can help reduce blood pressure, according to some research. This is significant because reduced blood pressure can help in preventing more serious heart conditions, like heart attack or stroke. By using heat to induce better blood flow and circulation, you're giving your a body a mini-workout.

5. Baths can boost your immune system. Studies show that a mid-temperatUte bath can also help your immune system to better fight off viruses.

6. Baths Can Soothe Irritated Skin

While scalding baths can make your skin more irritated, a warm salt bath—in combination with certain essential oils like rise, coconut or lavender can better hydrate and heal dry or irritated skin.

7. Reducing stress

Using essential oils in your bath introduses the benefits of aromatherapy which is great for regulating your mood or reducing stress.

Time for a soak I think 🛁

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