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Why teachers need to recharge

Know the feeling when your phone is nearly out of battery?

You might put it into airplane mode, turn down the screen brightness, try not to check your texts too often but ultimately it will shuts off altogether if you don’t recharge.

And people are just the same! They need energy to perform, and just like your phone, when you’re not fully charged, you don’t perform as well.

Teachers can really start to feel like a phone at 5% battery by the end of the school year & we want them to have the chance to recharge and come back feeling fabulous! Recharging is different for all of us, but usually involves self-care and rest.

Recharging is important because:

·         It makes you more creative & helps come up with new and interesting ways to work

·         It makes you less stressed which in turn increases productivity and happiness

·         It strengthens the immune system and helps you cope with colds and illnesses

·         It can help you live longer and fight serious conditions

·         It makes you feel better overall – releasing feel good hormones and elevating your mood.


So, how can teachers recharge over the summer?   Some ideas:

·         Dedicate some time to just RESTING – doing nothing, take a nap in the shade or having some lovely spa treatment – anything at all.

·         Get physical – take the opportunity to get outside, do some exercise, take a long dog walk, create some new habits

·         Reconnect with friends you don’t see that often

·         Get into nature – visit the beaches, parks etc

·         Make some family memories just being together and having fun

·         Catch up on a book or TV series

·         Do something crafty

·         Do something mindful – find a nice meditation, visualisation etc., or some colouring.

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