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Bullet Journaling – for Mindfulness, Creativity and Personal Goals

Bullet journaling is a way of organizing your thoughts that was created by Ryder Carroll, and gives you a place to explore what you need to be doing and why.

Bullet journaling is sometimes described as “a mindfulness practice disguised as a productivity system."

We have a gorgeous bullet journal set with leather journal and crystal pen, together with a fabulous book to get you going!

It can enhance productivity, increase mindfulness, and help you achieve your goals but even more importantly can help you establish new goals that you might not have discovered otherwise.

The difference between a bullet journal and a regular journal is the customisation. First, you look at stuck points in life, then decide what has particular significance to and finally decide where you could use more help.

One bullet journal might have a fertility tracker, whereas another could have a mood tracker. No two are going to look or function in the same way.

Bullet journals often have an artistic and visual element but bullet journaling is about function over form so as long as your spread makes you feel more organized, it doesn't matter how it looks. Here's a couple of examples - the book in our little set is really helpful!

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