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Staff & Group Wellbeing Gifts

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The Sunshine Box offers a range of gifts & boxes designed to remind your staff, colleagues, friends or family to take time out to look after their wellbeing.


It’s easy to forget to look after ourselves with hectic work schedules & busy home lives, not to mention the stresses of the outside world. Our wellbeing boxes are designed with rest & relaxation in mind to revive & refresh.

These small but thoughtful individual gifts can come as a 'pick and mix' type box where people can see what they choose, or can come wrapped in a stripy paper bag. The bag can be sealed with our standard wellbeing message, or you can add your own message or your logo. For a small extra charge we can do floral or seasonal bag seals.

You can have a selection of our various small wellbeing gifts or you can ask for specific items to be included or excluded when ordering. Gifts include Gratitude post-it notes, Calm Balm, Mindfulness cards, Calming face spritz, Meditation candles, Sleep sets with lavender and pillow dropper, Crystal with grounding exercise, Mindfulness journal, Relaxing bath salt ritual, Deep breathe cards and pulse roller.

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