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Day 23 - Fortune cookies can tell us what we need to hear!

Today you have a Fortune Cookie in your Advent box.

These originated in Japan in the 19th century.

They symbolize luck, wisdom, fate, and all that is unknown. This all comes from the fortune that is inside - out of every single fortune cookie that you could have received, you got this one. Whether you're looking for some advice or a little luck, you can interpret the message any way you want.

Fortune cookies tell the truth, but not in the way many people think. The message on the paper isn’t going to magically come true because you’ve opened it. But instead, you can see it as the right message at the right time. It can give you the proper guidance to the future and allow for manifestation.

Sometimes the words on the fortune aren’t even something that's going to come true.

They might be something you need to hear. It can be the inspiration you need to start something new or words to remind you you're on the right path. Your fortune cookie may be holding the right message that you need.

So fortune cookies are true as long as you are opening your own mind and heart. Welcome the words in and find out what they mean to you.

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