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Day 22 - Why grounding objects can help us be more mindful

Todays Advent gift is a grounding object – there were a variety in the boxes including Positive Potatoes and Peas, Worry Worms and Pocket Bears.

Grounding objects are things people hold or touch that they can focus on. Some people choose objects with a special meaning or memory attached to them. Others find it helpful to find objects with soothing or interesting textures, and crystals and stones are often favoured.

They are basically a way to turn attention away from thoughts, memories, or worries, and refocus on the present moment.  To focus on some aspect of the physical world, rather than on your internal thoughts and feelings.

Grounding objects that activate your sense of touch are things you can stroke or squeeze to bring your full attention to the present moment.

You can use any of the senses though to achieve grounding. A well known grounding exercise that uses ALL your senses to focus on the current, and can be done with no ‘props’ at all, is the 54321 exercise.

If you find yourself feeling stressed or worried with your thoughts all over the place, try 30 seconds of grounding and see how you feel.

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