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A love letter to your body

A key part of self care is loving ourselves for who we are, but what if that’s a struggle? What if we think that some change is needed before we can love ourself?

Our bodies and how we feel about them can hugely affect our ability to love ourselves.

We are constantly bombarded with ridiculous unrealistic images of perfection and even though we KNOW they’re not real, we still think we’re somehow lacking.

So this is an exercise anyone can do to help show us how our bodies are SO MUCH MORE than a number on a scale, or something we want to squeeze into a pair of skinny jeans.

If you want to start giving back more to yourself, I encourage you to take the time to write your own love letter to your body.

Sit down somewhere comfortable where you won’t be disturbed.

Think of all your body does and had done for you that you are grateful for. Perhaps say thank you for your legs moving you around the world, your arms for letting you feel, your eyes for giving you access to all the beauty you see, your mind and brain for all you’ve learned and felt.

You may feel you want to apologise for not appreciating and loving all your body does and for not giving credit for all it’s been through. You may want to explain the struggle you’ve had with loving your body.

We have to reclaim the narrative we are telling our body in order to begin to love it as we once did,

before we bought into the lies about our bodies not being good enough.

The story is about starting a process with your body that focuses on giving it the respect it deserves.  Learn to love it, through good times and bad, because it loves you even when you’re not at your ‘best’.

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