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Day 12 - No time for mindfulness? Use a coffee break

In your Advent box today is a cute coffee stencil to encourage you or others to relax a little. In fact, coffee time can be a useful break for your wellbeing.

If you have no time to practice mindfulness in your busy day, and easy way to incorporate a little into your day is to practice a mindful coffee break.

Sit comfortably, holding your cup of coffee (or tea) in both hands, feel the warmth radiating into your hands, feel the smooth or coarse texture of the mug.

Slowly lift the mug to your nose and inhale the scent as if for the first time. Without judgment, notice what thoughts arise. Notice how the muscles in your arms know just what to do as they lift the cup to your mouth.

Pause for a moment and notice what happens. Is your mouth watering ? Are your thoughts screaming for you to please take a giant swig already? Just notice. Then, with deliberate action, place the cup to your lips. Now, take that first glorious sip and hold the flavorful liquid in your mouth, tasting as fully as you can.

As you swallow, experience the warmth moving its way down your throat and into your stomach. Pause. Take a breath before your next sip.

As you do, notice what occurs in the body. Has your heart rate increased? Does your mind feel more alert? Are the sensations pleasant or unpleasant? Tuning into our body sensations offers us subtle information we might otherwise miss.

Keep watching. Stay curious. Enjoy.

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