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Day 17 - Mindful activities are great for our mental wellbeing

In the Advent box today you have received a small bag of different sized stones and pebbles. You might be wondering why?

Stone stacking is a great example of a mindful activity that can bring us peace.

When balancing stones, the mind becomes quiet and focused so it is a form of meditation that grounds people in the present.

Building something with our own hands can be a peaceful exercise that takes us within. The same qualities that are required to complete mindfulness or meditation —patience, concentration, as well as mental stillness—are also necessary for the cautious, contemplative practice of balancing Stacked Stones.

The key states to achieving stone stacking are perseverance, concentration, as well as a profound stillness of mind.

Some people add a spiritual element to stone stacking, with each stone signifying a thought of thankfulness.

Others chose harder rocks to balance instead of piling them, treating the exercise as meditation. This exercise of stone balancing is a reflection of impermanence. A stack can take time to complete, but it can be destroyed in an instant.

Spiritual reflections on Stacking Stones:

1.       The stones – like your life needs to be balanced - If you want to build higher, you must preserve the balance between the stones while you do so. If not, the entire building will fall. Finding the ideal life balance is important.

2.       Patience is essential - Most goals or endeavours in our lives demands patience. It takes time to develop patience; it cannot be mastered in a few moments.  You can get over anything but the most complicated challenges in life if you have patience.

Stacked Stones is a great activity for people who wish to be mindful and deal with their issues more spiritually. If you would like to deal with problems or relax your mind and body, then Stacked Stones is one amazing way to do it.

We would love to see yours!

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