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Day 4 - A sceptics guide to Chakras!

In the Advent box today you have received a bag of mini chakra crystals.

Maybe you instantly feel a connecttion, or maybe - like many of us - you like to be grounded in facts and logic, trying to make sense of the world. You may well feel sceptical that our body’s so-called “energy centres” - or chakras - even exist—let alone that they needed some sort of a tune-up every once in a while.

We do know enough about physics to know that energy is real. But the idea that our bodies consist of wheels of energy that, when blocked, cause disruptions in our physical and mental wellness?

However, many of us will recognise there are times when our bodies are not quite right - we feel tired, have back pain and other aches, anxiety, a heavy feeling in the heart. Sometimes it can all make us feel pretty low.

Chakra theory suggests that these issues are to do with blocked energy in the different areas of our body. You can compare working with the chakras to massage - a massage therapist works out knots in your muscles, and chakra work smooths out these knots in your energy field.

We have given you a little bag of tiny chakra stones that you can use these under your pillow, in a pocket, to use when meditating, in your bath or as you choose. Even if you feel sceptical, it’s worth a go – who knows, you might find it makes a difference.

Learn more about chakras here - what and where they are, and which crystals are best for different parts of the body.

You might then decide however to find a bigger stone or stones that appeals to you, so how do you choose?

Here are a few ideas:

·  Pick the ones that caught your eye immediately.

·  Try to examine the stone in person if possible, and hold it in your hand for a few seconds.

·  Do you like the glow and the texture of the gemstone?

·  How do you feel when you hold it in your hand? If you feel a slight tingling sensation, excitement, or even have goosebumps during your examination - this stone is definitely for you!

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