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Enjoying Autumn: The importance of mindfulness at this time of year

As the dark nights and mornings draw in, memories of summer start to fade and the world can start to feel drab, grey and cold.

But Autumn is an ideal time to practice being present ­– being in the here and now and embracing everything around you. Don’t think of Autumn as something to be endured before Christmas and the long slog to Spring - think of it as a beautiful, special season to be celebrated for the joys it brings.

Autumn is glorious. Look around you! Notice the colours, the tones, the temperatures, textures and smells. Feel the breeze on your skin, the crunch beneath your feet, pick out all the amazing colours and notice the different scents of autumn.

Remind yourself that autumn is a time of harvest and celebration, a time when trees and plants drop their leaves and seeds in a glorious exhibition and prepare to rest through the colder months, so they can re-emerge strong and healthy.

Identify the best things about Autumn for you. It might be the colours of nature or the clothes you get to wear. It might be walks in the cooler air or snuggling up under a blanket with a great book. Some people have hobbies they resume in the autumn or groups they re-join. What about a road trip – somewhere different and interesting that is not so crowded in the Autumn months.

This week, take time to notice what makes you happy - write it down, talk about it, sing about it - and embrace the beauty and atmosphere that Autumn brings.

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