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How to: Create a positive affirmation for the weekend

Affirmations are just thoughts that are constantly going through our mind - mostly without us being aware of it – like a continuous inner dialogue going on in our heads.

Often these can be negative and self limiting with the inner voices of doubt and criticism telling us we can’t be or achieve what we dream of.

To lead a more constructive and fuller life we need to reprogram our minds by replacing negative affirmations with positive ones. So how do you create positive affirmations? And how can they really work?

Some people believe it is down to the Law of Attraction that says that by sending out positive thoughts or energy into the Universe it will return the same. It will attract situations, people or objects that vibrate at the same frequency as your thoughts. And in this case they are positive thoughts, so the results will also be positive.

Reprogramming your mind to accept success and focus on what you really want to be and to achieve will enable you to achieve the results you desire. So how can you create your own?

First of all make them personal – they must mean something to you

Create them in the present tense and positive – “I am worthy”, “I listen to what my body needs”

Keep them short and powerful so that you can remember them at will and under any situation.

Treat them like self affirming prophecies that will come to pass.

Believe in them. "I can do it", "I have great friends" or "I have a healthy body and mind" are some positive affirmations that can be used on a daily basis.

When you shift your thought process from "I can't" to "I can" you are changing your feelings and subsequently your behaviour.

You can add extra power to your positive affirmations by writing them down, visualising them down to the smallest detail, looking into the mirror and repeating them or meditating upon them. Repeat them every day – morning and night at the very least – and whenever else suits your lifestyle.

Use whichever technique suits you, but spend time over it. You are tapping into the most powerful force in the Universe to bring good things into your life - your own mind.

So maybe come up with just one positive affirmation for this weekend, repeat it often, visualise it, focus on it, and see where it takes you.

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