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It’s good to talk 📞

Ever notice how good you feel after venting – to a friend, to a therapist, even a stranger who was willing to listen?

We devote 30-40% of our speech to informing others about our own experiences: What we did over the weekend; how your date went; or the dinner you made last Tuesday.

Venting about stressful situations, things that make us angry, things we’re worried about etc is actually really good for our wellbeing.

Therapists call this “self-disclosure catharsis.”

& studies have found that it activates our brain’s intrinsic “reward” pathway, which may improve our mood and lighten our stress.

This pathway produces feelings of reward, desire, and satisfaction. It has also been found to relieve addiction and depression.

So let’s get talking 😍 and listening - let others vent without trying to give answers, just listen. It’s an important part of taking charge of your wellbeing, ❤️

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