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Self care gift idea!

💕Here's a cute idea for a self-care gift 💝 - easy and free/cheap - for a friend or loved one, or even to do for yourself 😍 Using a pack of cards is a great option because there is one for every week of the year! Or use little notes, cards, stick onto pages of an old but pretty book - whatever works for you.

Start by write a suggestion for self care onto a sticky label (or onto a card etc) - something like 'Spend an hour reading a book or magazine', 'Do something crafty', 'Take a walk somewhere green with no agenda'. If you can't come up with 52 then do as many as you can.... or click here for a list of suggestions 😃 Then wrap it all up as a lovely gift - if you are giving it to someone else add a little note about how important self-care is. If you are keeping it, then try to USE IT - make sure that once a week you stick to the ideas🌹

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