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Start the day with a Positive Affirmation ☘️

Affirmations are positive statements that can help you to challenge and overcome self-sabotaging and negative thoughts. 🤯

When you repeat them often, and believe in them, you can start to make positive changes.

These positive mental repetitions can reprogram our thinking patterns so that, over time, we begin to think – and act – differently.

Self-affirmation may also help to mitigate the effects of stress. In one study, a short affirmation exercise boosted the problem-solving abilities of "chronically stressed" subjects to the same level as those with low stress.

What's more, affirmations have been used to successfully treat people with low self-esteem, depression, and other mental health conditions.

Here are a few that might appeal. Or come up with one of your own. Repeat it first thing and then again throughout the day & at bedtime.

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