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Why bathing helps you sleep - there's science behind it.

A hot bath can be lovely, but did you know that there is science behind the idea it can help you sleep?

It's because of the dip in body temperature that results from having, then getting out of the bath. It's not the rise in body temperature, but the subsequent cooling down that tricks the body into thinking you have gone from daytime into night-time. This promotes a stronger sleep urge.

You may recognise this effect if you have ever sat in a sauna for a long time. When you leave you are exhausted, although you haven’t done any work.

This, in part, is down to the cooling down your body goes through. In these modern, climate controlled times we can be prevented from cooling naturally as day turns to night. A bath can help to simulate this experience.

Our Rest & Refresh box includes a gorgeous bath salt tube, that has epsom salts together with essential oils that smell glorious but are carefully chosen to aid relaxation. There are also some dried flowers, again relaxation based, that make your bath look really special and inviting.

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