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Facial reflexology- a DIY routine

Facial reflexology was founded in Saigon, Vietnam, by Professor Bùi Quốc Châu back in 1980. He discovered a new set of mapping patterns on our faces to help connect to the different systems of the body.

Over several years, he developed a new therapeutic method for use on the face aimed to help improve health and balance holistically.

He also developed new facial reflexology tools including the jade roller.

Here’s how to do a DIY facial reflexology routine on yourself.

This routine specifically is to balance yin and yang energy in the face and therefore throughout the body.

Start on a dry clean face in order to allow the tool to work to its best ability. A freshly washed face is ideal to prep your skin for facial reflexology success.

You can take an inventory of your whole body to see how you’re feeling. Are you sluggish? Are you swollen? Are you tired? Are you stimulated? All of these questions from your body inventory can help you start to tune in to what may be presenting itself on the skin as a signal of what to work on through the face.

I like to start with the forehead going in a horizontal direction to test both the yin and yang sides of my reflex tool of choice. Once you’ve determined the side that feels best to your skin, you can follow the curvature of the skin to roll your side of choice horizontally and then match it vertically in a cross-hatch fashion.

Take your time with this and allow yourself to gently use the tool without too much pressure by rolling softly and slowly. You can move down the neck as well if desired.

If you feel called to balance your energy by rolling the tool’s other end on different sections of the skin, this is a great time to do it. Follow your instincts that are validated by sensations of relief and comfort.

Lastly, add moisturiser of choice as your skin cells are activated and ready to take on the nutrients of your skin care. You’ll be glowing and feeling much more balanced after just this quick and simple step in your daily care!

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