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Finding calm in the chaos – taking a moment when you don’t have the time!

Life can be hectic and in times of chaos it's easy to become overwhelmed. Learning to find calmness in the chaos is possible – it might take some practice, but the benefits are worth it!

If you can, move somewhere slightly quieter - if you can't just sit or stand somewhere people are not going talk to you. If they won't leave you alone, put in earphones (don't need to be plugged in) if necessary or open a book and pretend to read.

Start by trying to relax the physical body. Try clenching every muscle in the body starting with the feet and moving through the legs, the torso, arms, shoulders and upper body. Clench the body while exhaling and keep exhaling until you cannot exhale anymore, then try to get one last breath out. Then relax the body and inhale deeply. Do this several times. This allows the physical body to begin to relax.

Now start to relax the mind – some people find deep breathing for a minute is useful; breath deeply in and count 1 2 3 4 noticing the chest expand – hold for a moment then exhale counting 1 2 3 4 noticing the chest fall. This should start to quiet the mind a little.

If you have annoyances and frustrations distracting you, some people find it helps to visualise the frustration and then imagine putting it into a balloon. Continue to fill up the balloon with every single frustration, hurt, struggle and difficult thought or feeling. Once you have put everything in the balloon, watch it float away and then visualize it bursting into flames along with all that was inside. This can help to clear the mind of all the rubbish that is not helping us.

Now you could start to make some order from the chaos – make a list of what needs doing and put a priority order on, so you know what to do first.

Once the mind and emotions are calmer and the body is physically relaxed, it is easier to sort through the chaos with a positive approach.

Once you can manage the chaos you can continue to work on your internal state of mind. Try meditation, use essential oils, exercise,

remove yourself from stressful situation or eliminate the things in your life that are causing you stress.

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