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Summer wellbeing goals!

It’s June & this weekend has really started to feel like summers coming 😎

One of the best ways to make sure that you have a great summer is to set some wellbeing goals Here’s a few ideas ...

Outdoor mindfulness One of the great things about summer is that you can take your mindfulness outside. Go out for a walk and cultivate mindfulness by placing all of your awareness on walking. Imagine that you’re kissing the earth with your feet with each step.

You can also try Tai chi in the park, or yoga at the beach.

Try a New Hobby. There are lots of hobbies that are perfect for the summer months. One of these is photography.Whatever takes your fancy - clouds, trees, people..,

Or try sketching or painting- it doesn’t matter how it turns out so experiment!

Read a Classic. Summer is great for reading trashy novels while lying on a beach towel of course, but maybe try a different genre or one of the classics as well

Try an outdoor sport or activity.

Something that gets you outside - maybe tennis or crazy golf, bird watching or hiking, or just going out for some walks.

Tackle a Personal Development Goal. This could be to work on your confidence or self-criticis; start applying for jobs that you really want to do; start journaling; become more social. Aim to have achieved some progress by Autum.

Start stretching - if you‘re feeling a bit stiff or achey, start morning stretches or yoga moves or Pilates - outside is even better!

Enjoy Simple Summer Pleasures. Make a list of simple things to do this summer. Your list might include walking barefoot on the grass, ha flowers in the house, making homemade lemonade or for even better, elderflower champagn, eating strawberryes & cream or lounging on a sunbed in the garden.

Travel somewhere new - even if it’s sonewhere near home you’ve never visited as a ‘tourist’ and habe a look at the sights.

Complete a DIY Project. Completing a DIY project can be incredibly fulfilling, and there’s no shortage of projects you can try. Put up shelves, build a stone path for your garden, or build a bird bath.

Learn a New Skill. Maybe a craft like macrame or cooking/ baking something new, or a language or computer program -whatever takes your fancy.

Make Your Home Green. This summer, do your part to save the planet by taking one step to green your home. Some easy ideas are: recycle, buy a houseplant, get a reusable water bottle, leak-proof your home, use water wisely, and use non-toxic cleaners.

Swim in A Natural Body of Water.This summer, try to swim in a natural body of water, whether it’s the ocean, a lake, or a river. Not only is swimming great exercise, but contact with natural water stimulates the immune system. In addition, some people compare floating in a lake or in the ocean when the water is calm to a meditative experience.

Plant Something. Feel immediately reconnected to the earth this summer by planting and growing something. Here are two things you can grow:

Create a fairy garden — a miniature garden complete with tiny structures and small plants.Grow a vertical vegetable garden –you can create one using shelves, hanging baskets, or trellises.

Go to a festival, outdoor theatre or show. There’s nothing like outdoor entertainment in the summer / take a picnic and chill out in the sun,

Try a New Ice Cream Flavor. Summer is ice cream season. Each year new ice cream flavors come out, so find one that looks tempting, and dig in.

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